I’m Rachel and I am a wife and mother of two kids. A beautiful daughter who is 14, and a handsome son who is 9. My daughter is a competitive dancer and my son is a Rep. Lacrosse player.

I am 40 years old sometimes feel older and sometimes younger. I do home daycare and am in the works of doing Affiliate marketing and I must be honest it is a lot  of work, research, pasting, posting, writing to companies. I am trying to start eating healthy, living healthy and exercising like I was before my back surgery embarrassingly in 2011. I suffer from Anxiety and Depression and went through a really rough patch since then and am still working on myself. Goodness that sounds depressing.

I will probably change this page at one point or another as I can’t also write what I want to say or even say what I want to say see? So I will try my best to write on a regular basis on Affiliate Marketing, Competitive Dance, Rep. Lacrosse, Anxiety and Depression, having both kids with depression and trying to push myself outside of the house and my comfort zone.

Healthy eating, living, family, health. Please come on the Journey with me can’t make any promises it  will be always exciting but, maybe informative and ideas on what not to do in your life……..







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