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I was just sitting here thinking of how embarrassing it is going to be the week of October 10th when I start my adult hip pop oops I mean Hip Hop class.  My daughter promises to watch through the door.  I am pretty good at laughing at myself I have been pretty clumsy most of my life and it’s not like I’ve grown into adult hood with Grace. If anything my mind is kinda foggy that doesn’t help with clumsiness. Plus it’s past my bedtime it starts at 9:00pm but, it’s exercise and I am going to try to do Yoga through my Beach Body membership see if that helps my back, neck and head. It’s a start another one.

It got me thinking of some things unfortunate mishaps nothing serious, life threatening or having to go to the hospital or anything like that I have happen to me that are kind of funny. I’m sure these things happen to most especially with kids. I can tell you ones I remember. You know I’m sitting in my living room right now being pissed off at my neighbours who are pretty much all retired across from me and insist on cutting their grass, starting and revving up their old cars at nap time every day anything loud it is so pricking annoying! They have all morning anyway sorry this has nothing to do with what I was talking about but it’s happening and Im getting ticked and want to yell Shut up. Oh good the neighbours kids just drove up in a loud stinky car they never park in their own driveway as it is for goodness sakes. Ok sorry anyway carry on.

unfortunately I don’t remember a lot of things because I’m pretty sure anxiety, depression and migraine meds play with my memory and concentration. Maybe I’ll do bullet form.

  • I was at the bank machine one time and I threw my slip of paper in the garbage and if you have them they are just like a slit not very big. I pushed my paper down and my middle knuckle got stuck I was panicky because I was picturing them having to call the fire department to come and cut my hand off. All the while I was still carrying on with my banking and yanking on my finger like it was no biggie. lucky enough I could yank it out with losing only minor skin. My kids find that so funny.
  • When my daughter was 2 and potty training she had to go potty at the grocery store. So we went into the bathroom I put her on she went pee fine and as I took her off the potty my purse slipped off my shoulder and landed right in the toilet, earlier I was shopping and she had unzipped my shirt I learned from then on to always wear a tank under, dropped my wallet, forgot to do her up fully in her seat and broke a bag of milk. I stayed home for the rest of the day.
  • I bought a sports bra and I know they are supposed to be tight so it was a bit of a stretch to get on and then it was just uncomfortable. I went to take it off and got stuck in it literally like my hands where in the air stuck. Chris was in the shower laughing so hard at me Emma was trying to pull it off as I was trying to wiggle it off. Finally when Chris was done the whole family was in my room pulling on the stupid sports bra it came off although we almost had to cut it off.
  • Chris had just built the back deck and was telling me that just be careful of the spaces between the wood posts they are measured so that nothing will get stuck in them but just to be safe. So I stay up on the deck and watch the kids in the yard he goes just next door for a chat. My knee gets stuck between the wood posts. I can’t get it out I pull and wiggle and it hurts now and parents are going to start showing up for their kids soon. So I am trying to get Chris’s attention quietly of course that doesn’t work so I have to yell at him to come over for a second and when he does he yells of course you got stuck right after I said don’t put anything between the posts. Anyway he had to pull the two posts apart as much as he could anyway but, I was able to slip it out with only a couple of bruises. I don’t do that anymore.
  • Well just a couple of weeks ago I wore my tights inside out all day had no idea. Went to the groceries store, pharmacy with my daughter didn’t notice until bedtime. didn’t even look down enough whenever I went to the bathroom. I have worn underwear and a bra inside out before but who hasn’t? oh and a T-shirt. Now I get asked a lot if my clothes are inside out I tend to buy clothes that look good either way.
  • I also tried to unplug our sink with the handle of a hand-held swiffer and it broke and got really stuck. I was going out and it was really plugged I thought maybe it was hair and it would grab some and help but nope. Well that was just dumb actually.
  • This is not that funny as to what happened to me but I laughed because my mom was so funny. I had and ablation and tubal removal done and my mom was staying with me for a bit to help with the kids in the morning. My dad just left and Chris left to get the kids from the bus all was good. I went to the bathroom to pee as I bent my stitches on my upper abdo. popped and because of the pressure and bloating there it was a lot of blood. So I called my mom up who was a nurse a long time ago who asked how bad then started frantically looking for gauze and maxi pads, asking how long Chris will be to take me to the hospital. My mom hates driving in the winter which it was, on the 401 which is a major busy highway fastest way to get to hospital, Does not drive other people’s cars ever mine was the only one in the driveway, Hates driving in the dark it wasn’t really dark but in the winter 4:00 it’s not the brightest. OMG another friggen lawn mower. So Chris was going to be another 15 minutes and by this point I was bleeding down my legs into my boots. So she is like ok get in the car I guess we got to this. She was so funny you coud tell she was freaking out about both things and revving the car on the 401 as I was telling her how to drive it hahha. So we get checked in I get a nurse right away my mom has to sit down she looks white as a piece of paper. The nurse ends up getting her a sandwich and a drink she hadn’t eaten through my whole surgery that day or anything then her adrenaline just crashed. So I didn’t even have a chance to freak out. The only things that weren’t my favorite was the thought of having to go back in for surgery and then having to have staples instead of stitches with no freezing although I think staples were better if there was no time for freezing because stitches would have taken longer and been more painful maybe. Then I had to wait around to make sure all bleeding stopped and didn’t start anywhere else and that I could go to the bathroom and get up ok.  My lower abdo was purple for weeks and weeks because of the trauma it was gross.

Anyway that’s all I can remember for now hopefully it makes someone laugh and please feel free to share it’s good to laugh especially at yourself.

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So yes I know there is no dinner picture but it wasn’t like overly healthy. It was perogies with green onion, tomatoes, cheese and sour cream.

So breakfast was backed oatmeal. Organic Oats, Brown Sugar, Backing Powder, Little Salt, Chia Seeds, Egg, Almond Milk, Vanilla, Butter and Peanut Butter. Served warm with banana’s on top so not overall the healthiest but there is some nutrient’s in it. It was yummy! I got the recipe from Threw Pinterest of course.

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Emma a couple of months ago with her dance studio got to do a cheer squad with the Toronto Argonauts cheerleaders post game. It was pretty cool experience and cold also the weather was freezing. I probably wrote all this already so get to the point.

Well dance studios have also been invited now to come to another game and dance with the cheerleaders at half time. The studios will have to learn one of the cheerleaders dances which they are already working on. Then apparently each studio gets a chance to do a little choreographed dance of their own. This is way more exciting than the post game they wouldn’t even let them step on the field. There where about three security guards watching and telling them to get off if they backed up to far. Then there was one grouchy head guy that was telling them ok stay of the grass and hurry up, wrap it up. So sweet what an ass.

September 29th the Peterborough Laker’s where going to have their awards and banquet but do to an early NLL season start they aren’t doing awards. Corbin still wants to go because there still will be player’s there for him to see. When he first found out about the awards and banquet and that Chris was buying tickets he said yes I am going to sit with hmmm. We had to tell him it didn’t work that way.  Hopefully he wont bug them to bad and we can keep him in check. Although he isn’t often to annoying never asks them for anything just wants to congratulate them and say hi good game. Emma’s boy’s as friends seem to like him alright. So hopefully that is also a fun night.

I’m hoping that my 2 week headache will ease up some it just makes things more enjoyable and it also makes my spine and belly hurt. So much fun woo hoo. All for now.

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It’s been awhile a week or so I suppose. I have been pulling my hair out (actually lately it does it on its own) trying to get Tailwind set up for my Pinterest account, figuring out how to make my own pin and all this other crap to try to actually make a little money on Affiliate program. No I didn’t think it would happen overnight even if it happened to everyone else it wouldn’t be me I have that sorta luck.  Just keep freaking out in my head I’ll figure it out someday soon maybe.

So anyway the Peterborough Laker’s WON the Mann Cup it was very stressful for me and I wasn’t even playing I could never be a goalie ever.  Who am I kidding I can’t even play a sport but I greatly admire Lacrosse player’s and the game. Corbin got on the turf to congratulate all his boys and then found the other team to congradulate a player that played for the laker’s last year (I bet he wishes he came back) Corbin was pretty excited he remembered him! That whole team is so great with him they all remember his name and say hey Corbsie when they give him knuckles. They are good with all the fans not just my son like he is a golden boy.

Corbin starts Lacrosse October 12th for winter league he is a Canadian boy who doesn’t play Hockey I know everyone is gasping. The coaches are actually some of the Laker’s so that is a pretty big pull for him and he loves the game it’s good exercise.                                  Emma starts dance try out’s this Sunday and then whatever she makes will depend on how many days she has dance last year she had Tuesday and Sundays off I think. She wanted to assist in as many dances for the little ones as possible cause they are so cute ahhhh. She is trying out for Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Musical Theater and Jazz they don’t have comp. Tap this year in her age group. Dance is one of those things that are so expensive but you love seeing how much your child loves it and all the opportunities they get. Plus she is at dance and not hanging around downtown or who knows where.

On my facebook page tonight their is a Young Living Essential Oil Live talk and a Q&A option as well as option to purchase products until September 23rd. If you are unfamiliar with Young Living you should check there website out or go to Rachel Andrus, sudsandstuff on facebook.

Well my friends that is all for now.  Until I blog again.

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Naked Zebra is a clothes company with a collection that consists of a convertable range of clothing.  Their clothing is Easy-to-wear, accessible and yet always fashion forward. Putting a modern twist on classic closet essentials with vibrant colours, high quality and fabulous touch fabrics. All of these put together will allow you to express your true classy personality and make an instant fashion statement.  They offer exceptional customer service, 20% off first purchase, new arrivals weekly and affordable prices.

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GOT OIL SUPPLIES: another affiliate company,

Got Oil Supplies yes it is the name of the company as I tell you what they carry you will understand.

The one unfortunate is their Monthly Oiler and Builder boxes are only shipped through out the U.S.A. They do have Essential oils, Roller bottles, Gemstones, Purses, business Tools, Glass and Plastic Containers, Essential Oils Accessories, diffusers, Labels and Personal Care.

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