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So today was my parents turn to host Thanksgiving lunch. My brother has recently separated from his wife and they have four boys together ages are 14,13,10,8 So that alone is crazy in a good way they are good boy’s.  Then it was Chris, Emma 14, Corbin 9, myself and my mom and dad.  It was nice the kids played outside playing soccer and falling getting dirty being silly. Then went in the basement to watch movies. Usually there is some fighting, bodily harm, crying and trouble giving but not this time so it was really nice.

So now it’s lunch time we all find our seats get our food and drinks get all comfy and all say how yummy it is. Then the silliness starts first about the youngest choking on a candy but just standing there looking deadpan and so was his Oldest brother. Their mom had to give him the heimlich maneuver. So they all had to make up their own sign language. Next my brother through a jock out there what do you call an Elephant and Rhino baby? elph-ino. So the kids thought that was funny and it was appropriate. My oldest nephew got his foot wedged into one of the table rungs so the way he said owe was hilarious. So I had to tell my Knee getting stuck in the railing of our deck. apparently that needed more explanation then just laughter.

So everyone is finishing up of Corbin has not eaten hardly anything as his slow self. My second oldest nephew decided to tell us a story about the way here and what his dad said to the driver that  was driving really unsafe to close behind so no quick stops thank goodness, then went to pass and almost took his side mirror off. So He said Fuck off you stupid cunt well holy did the kids start a fir of giggles and did he ever get in trouble! Then it’s tapering down a bit then what happens but shy Corbin just decides to throw out this joke at the thanksgiving table “hey dad I was going to tell you a joke but my penis is to long” well oh my god did that ever start off the fits of laughter most where crying so hard they where crying literally. My mom put her hands up to try to stop from laughing and I’m pretty sure it was just my dad and myself that didn’t laugh. Sometimes.  Then they talk about periods and 7-10 days was mentioned and one if the middle-aged cousins asked if he wold get one.  Well doesn’t Corbin decide to pick that moment to blurt out oh Emma gets hers once a month. Poor girl pretty sure she wanted to strangle him. I told him to cut it out he said what it’s true you get one too.

After that I think everyone was basically done with the joking and was asked to finish their dinner so we could have desert. Then they went back outside thank goodness and then watched a bit of a movie and went home.  Just when you think he is to shy he pops out with a joke like this.  Seriously though at the Thanksgiving table? What a kid.  Sorry about the offensive language.



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