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So In my last blog like over a month ago I was talking about doing Affiliate marketing to make extra money and hopes to make it my full time job. I also told you the process and how hard, how much time it would take and so on.

Well my friends it is long and hard. I wasn’t expecting it to be easy as I know that’s click bait or people just have that kind of either luck, connections or knowledge. The first two I don’t have never been much for luck, working on the knowledge as it is never ending. I went from one affiliate to eleven so it quickly became overwhelming. I still haven’t come close to entering all the products as one company has about 100 other companies to enter. Not complaining there is a lot of potential if I can just get it all going. I have read so many articles and been on alot of companies wrote stuff down and re wrote stuff down. Researched, researched and researched still not sure how it’s going to go or get it going. I signed up with CJ affiliates they have a whole bunch of different companies you can apply for you basically write a mini resume and send it off. They will reply through CJ and if accepted they have speacial links you can copy and paste them onto your web-site. You can pin, venndy you have your own code so when someone clicks to buy they know it’s you and you can collect comission.I am still trying, trying, researching, reading and typing and posting and hoping. This is all in hopes that by summer at least I will be making some money and be able to work into it full time. I am also newly signed up with Young Living and need to get that going what’s hard is that alot of people in my area sell it already and know each other. It’s really good oil’s high quality and a really amazing support, kind and knowlegable group. It is alot of work and I will probably still read up on new articles on whats the best way. Just to let you know if this is something you want to pursue this as well and you are not a populor blogger, have your own sucsessfull you tube channel, or instagram with a thousands or millions of followers it is not as easy as they make it out to be! If you have a daytime job it is very time consuming so just realize that I know for myself because I have kids it seems some evenings that is all I do some weekends as well. It has been a couple months and I have posted as you can see on my website although right now things are all over the place. After a couple months I am still imputing on Venndy and then puting into goups called stories then posting on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Website. I do not have a large following so that is most likely why I have sold absolutely nothing. I have hope so again if you are interested make sure you do as much reading as possible and think of what it is you want to sell some company’s the commission is higher then others and the time from the costumer clicking on your link to buying someting is open longer then others. Learn about CJ and Share a Sale affiliates they seem to be the biggest company that sells a wide variety of product and companies. Also maybe check out Venndy and then Tailwind if you are going to be using Pinterest. Well I should get back at it and maybe try and fix this website see what happens. I wish you lots of luck and I will keep you posted yes I have sucked its been a month or more I do apologize. Blog soon,