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So It’s been a really long time since I wrote last promising to document how my affiliate marketing was going. As to that it’s still going work in progress and have not made a cent. I have also in fairness put it on the back burner due to other issues.

So as most people are aware I suffer from Anxiety and Depression If sarcasm was a illness I would suffer from that as well. My kids have been having a really hard time with something fighting something. My 14 year old daughter has anxiety and I know I have mentioned before how high school has been really hard for her due to so much change. Well she has had mood swings (I know she is a teenager) uncontrollable crying, feeling of disappointing people, three letters from the school regarding how many hours/days she has missed and how many she needs to pass her classes. She was seeing a Mental Health Nurse but they are only provided for 12 weeks and then they have to move on. You have to be 16 to be seen in the Mental Health Medical departments. It was suggested that she try a anti-depressant which she did and unfortunately didn’t work for her it seemed to make her worse. I know that you have to try more then one to find one that works but, our doc would like to try other options first. So we have been in a bit of a sunken heart, how can we help situation. I have her on the waiting list for a counseling program and received a call from the School’s main mental health nurse she will be referred for another 12 weeks with the same one Corbin see’s who we love. Hopefully that will help her I suck at this because I suffer the same things and I’m supposed to be pushing her to do all this things that make her upset. Chris doesn’t’t understand so he can sound harsh but she probably needs a bit of that sometimes he tends to carry on longer then needed and that just makes her more upset. I can’t say to much because he gets very defensive and immediately says well I’m sure its my fault so bring it on. It’s hard to see your social butterfly put herself back in her chrysalis.

Now onto Corbin still having such a hard time getting him to go to school for a full week. I know I’m being judged and everyone says just make him, take his stuff away. I have done both many, many times! I can yell all I want but if in his mind he is to sick to go there is nothing I can do to get him out of bed. Take away all electronics it doesn’t’t matter he won’t budge. I cry, Chris yells he even drove home to school once when he was ready before refusing to get out of bed and he refused to walk doesn’t the hallway at school just stared at Chris trying not cry. So home he came and we also didn’t’t know what we could do as he is only 9. I heard that his school also had a main mental health nurse so he saw her a few times and then got referred onto someone for the 12 week program. He is also on the list for counseling. He can’t settle at night just can’t shut his mind off so he can’t get to sleep early wakes up early and has a stomach ache. When he gets tired he gets mad easy he doesn’t’t know yet how to control it that is something we are working on as well so hopefully we can get ideas to help them through. I am an enabler and that makes Chris the bad guy. So all in all we are struggling that way.

It could be worse we could be really sick physically or have family members critically ill. thanks for reading the rambles.



Hi, I am a mother of two and a daycare provider. I love to do research and am very interested in the buiness of Essential Oils and Natural products. I started this blog in hopes to build it up, work hard and turn into a part time/full time buisness. I have started reaching out to affiliate programs and I really hope to make this work. I love to write, research and share what I'm passionate about. So please wont you join My Journey back to Natural?