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So Affiliate Marketing yeah so hard. Not that I didn’t think it wouldn’t be hard I guess maybe I don’t have as much time as I thought I would have. I still really want it to work out I know I would like it. I signed up with Young Living as well they have such fantastic essential oils, suggestions, support system and no synthetic products. Most of the affiliate products I market are Vegan beauty products, natural teas and home furnishings. I may have accepted to many affiliate jobs right off the bat and in 5 months have sold absolutely $0. CJ Publishers sent me a note saying that and letting me know that if I don’t make any in next 30 days I will have to re sign up.

I have this Blog apparantly I am terrible at writing so I need to work on that. Pinterest, Venndy and Tailwind. All those take lots of time to start. I think I have to do some more reading lots more reading and posting more posting. So when they say its easy as I said before its not unless you have a lot better luck then me which isn’t’t hard like at all!