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Well it’s been forever as I am a terrible blogger apparently not much of a rockstar at affiliate marketing either.

So feeling really overwhelmed these day’s both my kids are suffering with anxiety and it is so very hard to see also frustrating. I do feel guilty as it was probably my gene that passed it along and seeing my tendencies even though I thought I hide it well maybe just not good enough.

My daughter is 14 and I know I have written about her being a dancer, starting grade 9 and having a really hard time with change. It sure has not gotten any better. She has however been referred to a much better Mental Heath nurse that puts things into motion and really looks out for her. We just had a meeting with her school counselor, Mental Health Nurse and Vice Principle last week she has missed so much school the more she stays home the more panicking she does about going back to school. Right now she is worrying and overwhelmed of the work she is missing and going to have to catch up on. She worries what people will think, say so much judgment. The vice principal said he will talk to her teachers and let them know she is struggling and she may need some extra time and some times she may need to leave the class and work elsewhere. It’s up to Emma how much she wants to tell them. The counselor’s where very supportive told her they had her back and what days they where in the school and what to do, who to go see when the where not.

Dance of course is her outlet she has already had a competition and this is her first year doing duets so it’s pretty stressful and exciting all at once. The only problem know is she is noticing that the Studio is staring to show favouritism and it hurts her very much and she feels very left out. It’s a really small team so things like that get noticed and quickly.

I have hope and faith in her that she can pull through with so much support behind her. It’s just she has to make those couple first steps herself and they seem to be the hardest.



Hi, I am a mother of two and a daycare provider. I love to do research and am very interested in the buiness of Essential Oils and Natural products. I started this blog in hopes to build it up, work hard and turn into a part time/full time buisness. I have started reaching out to affiliate programs and I really hope to make this work. I love to write, research and share what I'm passionate about. So please wont you join My Journey back to Natural?